Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Android Mobile

Threat of bugs and viruses often are directly proportional with the popularity of a platform. In accordance, you need to have best protective arrangement for your android device. However, it is a fact that the native arrangements of Android are too satisfactory. Still, having an external protective arrangement is always a better idea for ensuring better safety of your device. On this context, we present you with the line-up regarding five excellent applications for your android device.

Andriod Antivirus

5. 360 Securities – Antivirus Boost

This is one of the finest recommendations for your android device. It has all attributes that you can expect from android antivirus application. The tool reads and eradicates all your attacks, clears your product. Apart from this, here you can enjoy the privacy adviser, or data monitor. It has the ability to clear devices from previously left files, other ruined files, spam, and any other unnecessary stuffs from your system. There is native data monitor available for ensuring best outcome. The best part about the product is its overwhelming lay Store score of 4.5. It recommends the upgraded editions if you are still dealing with the older version.

4. AVAST Mobile Security

Avast is a well known brand for offering antivirus solutions for big screen editions. However, it is equally efficient as well for your android device. The best part is that it is much lesser in price in comparison with its contemporaries. You may go with other free antivirus, but undoubtedly this AVAST Mobile Security offers a way lot specs in comparison. The best part is that the entire cost information is made available over Google Play Store. If you are looking for a system friendly option, then the above one can be a pretty nice option for you.

3. AVG AntiVirus Security

AVG AntiVirus is another finest application for your Android device. Well, there is a free edition of it, and also a paid version. As usual, in this case as well the free edition brings you with the fundamental set of features, though these are too efficient. However, you can enjoy some of the really high-end specs through the Pro edition.

The product has already witnessed more than hundred million installations, and it carries a whooping rating of 4.4. Coming to the Pro edition, it brings you with the enhanced specs like back-up providing, SIM blocking, etc.

2. CM Security

CM Security is one of the promising products for the better safety of your Android device. The tool has already made a lot of buzz, and enhances specs like antivirus, phone spotting feature come available with the product. The best part is that the complete package is available absolutely for free. It has special arrangements for your safest browsing experience. Features like Google Maps, snapping facility keeps the owner from the worries of product getting in wrong hand away.   Great to see is its system friendly nature; the tool performs equally well along the older model products as well.

1. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is certainly one of the obvious names that pop up in mind when someone asks of an antivirus.  It also comes up with the free as well as the Pro edition. However, the free edition brings pretty decent set of specs along anti theft feature.  It offers cloud security through the Pro version of the tool.

Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Android
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