The Best Free Dialer Apps for Android Mobile

Smart people don’t dial, they just use dialer app for making calls. In this world of no time, the dialer app seems to be absolutely convenient. However, limiting the tool just within call, or dialing kind works is something makes you missing much. You can be aware of these once you go through the compilation given below. It’s about some of the excellent dialer apps for Android users. Have a look!

Dialer Andriod

Ready Contact List

Ready Contact List is one of the most finetuned dialler apps for Android.  You can come across with your crucial contacts in a clearer fashion through its flawless interface. The distinguishing part is its feature that lets someone quickest move through the contacts. Apart from this, it has handy options

KK Phone

The application with Material Design UI offers a fantastic user experience. There are basically three sections; speed dial, call and contacts. The one at which you made the call most recent turns a chat stop that lets you connect with the person even when the dialer is not active.

Swipe Dialer

If you are looking for something that can offer you with the most optimized interface experience, then Swipe Dialer should be your pick. The application having T9 accessibility lets you calling your important numbers in landscape pattern. You can delete the entire contact in simplest fashion just by going for a long press. This is considered the busiest applications over Google Play.

Reactiv Dialer

Here we come up with one of the simplest dialer app having just a single tab for making calls. The application makes you available with the best 4 contacts at the extreme for making quick call. There is no listed view of contacts, but upon going for a dial it presents you with the equivalent numbers.  In short, this is the perfect option to make fastest call.


Contacts+ is too away of the orthodox dialer apps offering extensive facilities that you can 0065pect from a dialer. The tool makes you available with an efficient contact manager that links with most of your over the web accounts, caller ID, etc. Here you can enjoy a high-end facility that also sticks with crucial parts like speed dial or T9 dial.

RocketDial Dialer

Rocket Dial Dialer lives up with its name up to a great extent. The application also deals with T9 technology through which you can smoothly look for your contact. Its specified keys let you making calls quickly and with perfection.  It deals with snaps of excellent resolution, and has some of the interesting specs like birthday/or any other important occasion reminder. Its Gesture Control offers you with the option of signature within the application to look for latest contacts.

Apart from this, you can have options like restoring contacts, texts, calls, etc. Above all, go and look for the application at Google Play, you will come across with an overwhelming review about the product. Finally, this is one of the simplest applications that can be integrated with your device offering best outcome.

The Best Free Dialer Apps for Android
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