How to Synchronize Gmail Attachments with Dropbox How to

Not a day passes by without most people thanking Google for giving us all that storage space in Gmail. Well most people don’t have to scour the email attachments to find that important report every day. For many, it is a safe store to tuck away all those photo albums from that trip you made or some funny forwards; kind of a see it-and-forget it movie. But, that is not the case for many others who simply don’t have the time to browse through a zillion emails to find what they are looking for. So let’s see how this problem can be taken care of by a simple synchronization technique with Dropbox.

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Before I start, I am going to assume that you are familiar with If This, Then That or commonly known as IFTTT. If you do not, it is highly recommended to learn more about it. We will be using IFTTT to set up your Dropbox account in such a way that all Gmail attachments are automatically routed to it. This way, it becomes easier to organize your important documents and reports based on the email sender, attachment content, received date etc.

Let me give you an overview of what you need to do. Then we will go through each step in detail. Before you begin, make sure you have a registered account in IFTTT. If you do not, please begin by getting yourselves one.

  1. Login to IFTTT
  2. Create a Recipe
  3. Select an appropriate trigger channel (In this case, Gmail)
  4. Choose “Any new attachment”
  5. Create Trigger
  6. Define the action (Choose Add file from URL)
  7. Select appropriate “action fields”
  8. Choose relevant naming schemes
  9. Select the desired Dropbox Folder Path
  10. Lastly, click “Create Action”

And you are good to go!

Let’s go through them one more time in detail. Once you have logged in to IFTTT, you need to create a recipe which is available on the dashboard. This takes you to the app store of trigger channels with a variety of applications listed. You need to select the Gmail icon from the list. Once it is selected, click on the “Any new attachment” box and Create Trigger.

Now you need to specify what you need to do with the new attachments. This is where you select Dropbox and click the “Add file from URL” box. For the purpose of making the attachments identifiable easily, we can employ relevant naming schemes for the same. Once appropriate naming scheme is selected, you needed to specify where you want to the downloaded email attachments to be saved. By default, it will be saved to IFTTT >> Gmail. But this can be changed as per your convenience. You can easily sort the attachments by saving them based on the content of the attachment, sender, date when the attachment was received or the subject head of the attachment.

Once all the above actions are completed, click Create Action. This will set things in motion and will have all your new email attachments routed directly to the specified folder location within your Dropbox account.

How to Synchronize Gmail Attachments with Dropbox
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