Make Your Mind Quicker, With Our Solitaire App Mobile

A quick mind has many advantages- from being able to react to a crisis to promptly solving problems at work or with family. Historically, obtaining a sharp mind required years of study, searching and practice. Today, you can get all of the advantages of a quick mind with MobilityWare Solitaire app. Here are a few ways that our app fights Alzheimer’s and makes your smarter:

Daily Challenges: Many mind building games can get repetitive and boring, but with the Solitaire App you will get a new challenge to complete every day. Having a daily challenge will also help ensure that you are devoting a bit of time out of a busy day to work on your mental skills. Simply add the challenge to your to do list.

Keep It Interesting: With a variety of new themes and games settings, Solitaire can continue to keep you entertained. You can choose between keeping your Solitaire theme classic, matching with the season, or using something else entirely.

Interact: In addition to new themes and daily challenges, you also have the option of engaging with other players throughout the world. You can challenge others in real time to solve a given hand- the same hand will be dealt to you and the other player.

Fight Disease: Research says that the training the mind can help increase intelligence and have a protective effect against diseases. Just a few minutes of memory games or brain games per day may help avoid Alzheimer’s. While studies are still being conducted about the exact effects of games, the idea has become largely popular.

Depending on your device, you can download the free Android Solitaire App or a free iTune Solitaire app and protect yourself against disease by sharpening your mind with fun, daily exercises.

Make Your Mind Quicker, With Our Solitaire App
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