How To Transfer Contacts From Blackberry To Android Mobile

BlackBerry phones were the smartest phones on earth slightly more than a decade ago. Research in Motion is trying to get their regime back really hard, and the newest BlackBerry smartphones are pretty good in terms of looks, feel, usability and everything else. However, many people are still making the move to Android smartphones from BlackBerry for a change in the taste, and the first thing required is to know how to move your contacts cross platform. The process is easy; you just need to follow along.

Blackberry Android

For the transfer process, you need both device’s Bluetooth radios be turned on and operational. Make sure both device can locate each other and communicate.

Android Device Bluetooth Activation

The Bluetooth radio switch, if not located on a widget on your home screen then it’s inside the Wireless and Networks under settings. Go inside that menu and tap Bluetooth Settings. There’s a box next to the text Bluetooth, check it and the next box should say Visible to all devices.

If you do it right your Android phone should be visible in the BlackBerry’s Bluetooth menu.

Bluetooth Pair in BlackBerry

Now you have your Android Bluetooth on and discoverable, time to activate the BlackBerry Bluetooth. The Bluetooth menu on the BlackBerry operating system is located inside Networks and Connections. Get to this screen browsing through the wrench icon located on the home screen.

After you are inside the Bluetooth menu, tap ‘on’. Head over to the device pairing section, tap on ‘Add a new device’. Tapping on ‘Search’ would open the scanning window where devices with a Bluetooth radio should show up. Tap on your Android device’s name and tap Submit.

Transfer the Contacts via Bluetooth

Once you are connected, you can select the connected Android device from the Paired Devices list. Press the BlackBerry button in the middle and navigate to Transfer Contacts. The file sending sequence will initiate in the background, and your Android device will show a notification for an incoming file.

Accept the file. Once received in your Android device, open the file and it will automatically add all contacts into your contact list. Or, you could also use the import contacts feature and locate this transferred file to save the contacts on your Android smartphone.

This happens to be the easiest method for transferring contacts from BlackBerry to Android, however there are more methods.

Wondershare Mobile Trans

Download the above titled software on your computer to transfer contacts between different platforms. This software supports BlackBerry to Android direct contact transfer without following too many manual procedures.

However, in order to transfer BlackBerry contacts to an Android device, you first have to back up the BlackBerry device using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. After you are done with the backup, move to Wondershare Mobile Trans. Select your BlackBerry device, the source device, select the backed up file and select the contents you want to move to your new device, and select the destination device. The big blue button saying ‘Start Copy’ gets the job done.

This way, the transfer takes less time and it’s easier as well.


There used to be a transfer service by Google that would get this job done at ease. Since Google stopped the support for that software back in 2012, these two are the most used methods right now. Pick one that suits your style.

How To Transfer Contacts From Blackberry To Android
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