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Android is the most powerful Smartphone that people are using today. Android is a complete Smartphone with lots of features, but there is one downside of Smartphone and that is its battery backup. This is the most common problem that the majority of the Smartphone users are facing today. No matter what you does, still your battery drain? If you are suffering from the same, then here are few tips that you can use to save the battery of your android devices.

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Your Display Is Draining Battery

Having a huge screen is the latest trend in the Smartphone and large display means more amount of battery is going to drain. First of all manage the brightness of your screen. Too much brightness is draining your battery and this is one thing that you can avoid. In case you want to use your Smartphone in dark room then you can increase the brightness. This way you can smartly save the battery

Use Your Wireless Networks Wisely

If you do not require mobile data, then switch it off. This drains too much battery. Sometimes all your notification buttons are on and you are not using any of them. Make sure that you turn your blocking, GPS, Wi-Fi and other networks off if you are not using them. All these wireless communications drains your huge amount of battery that can be avoided.

No to sync

The majority of the applications on your Smartphone is having default setting   and has an automatic s time interval. You will have to do this manually instead of turning it to automatic. This is also going to help you in saving battery of your devices.

No live wallpapers

If your Smartphone is not having high mAh rating, then you do not have a freedom to use live wallpapers because this is going to drain all your battery. There is no doubt that these wallpapers look cool but they are always running at the background and is one major reason why your battery is draining.

These are the few things that drain your battery every time. Now you know make sure that you are turning them off and saving a good amount of battery that you can use in case of emergencies. These things might look very simple to but are the major reasons of draining your battery. Make sure you pay attention to all these and save battery.

How to Save Battery Of Your Android Devices
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