How to Force Your Browser to Remember Passwords Internet

You can’t really always depend upon the password managers with the browsers to keep data of your entire login. However, there is nothing impossible, and you can certainly make your browser remember the information through certain simple tricks.

Remember Passwords

The way sites avoid remembering password

If you are wondering how the sites make the remember password option disable then here we mention about it. In fact, it’s quite simple; the sites just have to go through the setting auto complete off for the password place. In fact, scripts can be written so that the browser doesn’t ask the user to save the password section. This is so as in these cases the auto completion is turned off.

You can make the site remember your information going through the simple ways given. You can do this through Java Script as it can deal with document object model, and you can do the job through the click of any bookmark.

Making the Browser to Remember Password

What to do in these cases? How to fix the problem? Never worry; there is always a way available. No matter if the remembers password option is made off, but you can make it on and ultimately will become able in saving the password.

The JavaScript given below can make the autocomplete spontaneously on for each password section on a site.

var fields = document.querySelectorAll(‘input[type=”password”]’);

for (var i = 0; i < fields.length; i++)




Going with Google Chrome

However, when you offer the username or Password for making an entry in to a website through Google Chrome, then it asks you about remembering the password. Once you agree, the most efficient browser in present scenario, Google Chrome saves password itself. In future when you enter in to the site, your username and password is filled-in spontaneously.

Anyway, the password remembering/saving facility is present there in most of the known browsing platforms. Still, there are sites those make the feature inactive showing protection as a reason at their login bar. In these cases you have no option to remember your password and enter it each time you open the site. Mostly, the banking sites, or sites those are involved with rigorous transactions prefer to go this way.

Remember Password Extension is a fine way

But, you can always force a site to remember your password without going through too much baffling steps. Yes, make sure there is Google Chrome available with you. There is Remember Password extension available with Chrome, and the extension forces browser to keep the password in mind. It doesn’t care whether the site has made the facility inactive.

Finally, using Google Chrome, and going through its extension is always a very good way, and you can force the site to remember your passwords, those which don’t do so.  Through the process, they start prompting you to save password for the site.

Well, if you think sites remembering your password is important, you can go through the above practice. Let us know if any issue arises.

How to Force Your Browser to Remember Passwords
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