Five Measures to Protect Your Smartphone against Theft Mobile

Smartphones are an essential gadget now. Almost everyone carries on in their pockets; so it’s just a part of your daily life. It also bears plenty of personal information that isn’t meant to be lost or stolen. Yet, unfortunate incidents do take place and you might end up losing your smartphone and not to be said; your information and personal moments as well.
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If you ever lose your smartphone, what do you do? There are protective measures you can simply attend and even protect your data remotely, so before you waste your time panicking just know what should be done in the event of a theft or lost.

Setup Screen Lock and SIM Lock

Make sure that your smartphone gets locked after certain time of inactivity. The display goes of automatically but the auto lock should not be disabled in settings. If you frequently use your smartphone this auto lock feature might seem irritating but for safety concerns, you should make yourself comfortable to this irritation. SIM lock isn’t a stock Android feature but there are plenty of apps that would send an SMS to your second contact when a different SIM is entered into the phone; also lock the phone automatically. Some manufacturers embed this feature into their Android smartphones.

Use Apps to Protect Your Data

If your phone has sensitive data like your banking and transaction information, passwords, nuclear launch codes etc. then you should use apps to further extend the encryption level. You can lock folders, files or the entire memory storage. If your phone has external memory expansion slot then make sure the card is encrypted as well. Don’t store your encryption passwords with your smartphone; doing this renders the whole thing pointless. Many users are actually found of doing so and please don’t be another one!

Bluetooth Keeps a Backdoor Open

You may think Bluetooth is just a simple data transfer channel and bears no risk. Wrong! Bluetooth is short ranged but a full-fledged wireless radio channel capable of letting intruders in. You may have turned on the module to connect your hands free, or just send a photo to your friend’s cellphone and forgot to turn it off. A hacker could just break through the security barrier and steal your data – Bluetooth isn’t much of a secured channel.

Keep it off when you don’t need it. Saves battery and increases safety – both jobs.

Buy Some Security Software

Casual smartphone users wouldn’t really require paid security apps, because the free versions actually provide the level of security needed. They will lock your smartphone via SMS in case it’s lost or theft, wipe your phone to keep your data from being accessed by the thief, some would even click a photo using the front camera and send to you for better police filing. But if you need a higher level encryption and insurance that “this method is really going to work”, you might pay for the pro versions of the security apps available on app stores. They do really well job.

Physical Protection

There aren’t any hardware or case that prevents smartphone theft. Use good cases and screen protectors for protection against daily wear and tear. This wouldn’t come useful to prevent theft but taking care of a personal belonging never hurts either.


Protecting smartphones aren’t that hard, these are ‘smart phones’ after all. You just get to know what should be done; do them and you’re done!

Five Measures to Protect Your Smartphone against Theft
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