How to Enable Night Mode on Windows and Mac Without Any Software How to

In a competitive scenario, you can have no other choice but to keep on revamping your product. Having the night mode facility on Windows and Mac has become something most demanding in this contemporary situation when people are spending long hours with their big screen devices. In fact, for the ebook passionate or the bloggers those have to keep their eyes intact on displays for a longer hour, night mode is something too essential.

Having Night Mode Without Third Party Software

If the facility is not available on your Windows, or Mac, you can still enjoy it through some handy apps. The best part is that most of these can be made available absolutely for free. However, if you are willing to have the facility without incorporating any external tool on your Windows, this can also be fulfilled. This is in fact more effective as you can avoid the extraneous software.

Making The Night Mode Available On Windows

Windows 7 or the editions above it have got an excellent spec which can do the job for you. It’s the Magnifier we are talking about. Through the spec, your PC can get magnified to manipulate the pixel count of any picture or the whole device.

Good news is that the Magnifier has been included with each edition of Windows. The process is quite simple though through it. You just have to go through Start Menu, and look for Magnifier.

If you are Windows 8 user, you can have it by pressing Win+X, and search Magnifier. Anyway, after finding Magnifier, open it. The zoom level is set at +250% that can be reduced by having a tap on minus key and reduces it your way. Now have a knock on the settings key that takes you to Option.

Next, mark it the one next to Turn on color inversion and keep the settings.

Having The Night Mode On Your Mac

You can enjoy the facility being a Mac user as well. The current edition of OS X Yosemite has been made available with an absolutely revamped user interface that is too enchanting for any incorporation. The best part is that you can have a plethora of specs here. You can have the night mode without taking help of any third party tool.

  • For this, you have to go through the Settings app and move to General tab. You are made available with a display.
  • Mark the one adjacent to Use dark menu bar and Dock. It lets the dark mode up to some extent. It means, the dock or menu panel are going to appear having a black and white colour combination. However, you can alter the combination through another excellent tool called Nocturne.
  • It is here to mention that those who have not upgraded the OS X to OS X Yosemite may not be able to enjoy the feature. If you are an iBook user, you can have the night mode simply by opening it, having a tap on font settings key and going with the Night mode.
How to Enable Night Mode on Windows and Mac Without Any Software
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