Using an iPad to copy photos from your Dropbox account into MS Office? Technology

At some point of time, we all think that we have finally mastered our PCs and smartphones and iPads. Then out of the blue, a silly simple thing bowls us over; taking us back to square one to being skeptical, bordering on cynicism. This problem has been compounded with the introduction of multiple operating systems and different platforms. People who are used to a particular operating system find it exceedingly difficult to switch over to another one due to the different applications in use. It is quite difficult for people to make this transition quickly and in a hassle free manner. This problem has been solved to some extent by the arrival of cross-platform applications. Thereby, we have Microsoft Office compatible Apple devices and Android compatible Blackberry devices.


Coming back to our current problem, how do we copy photos from your Dropbox account into an MS Word file on your iPad? This is a problem that has been haunting iPad users since a very long time. Thanks to cross platform integration, it is now possible to access OneDrive and MS office in iOS devices. So is the case with sync and store applications like Dropbox. One can use their iPad to access MS Word files stored into an OneDrive or Dropbox account. Once set up and synchronized, they are readily accessible from the app’s File screen. Things start getting complicated when you try to insert a photo into any one of these MS Office files. Since the image is stored in a cloud based server, there is no way you can use your iPad to directly copy it into a MS Word document stored in your OneDrive or Dropbox account; that is, no straight way. Ofcourse there are work arounds. Let me explain.

  1. You need to select the correct image by accessing the OneDrive or Dropbox account from your iPad.
  2. The next step is to save the selected image to your device. You may have to grant suitable permission to complete this operation.
  3. Once the image is successfully downloaded, kindly verify it by accessing the Camera Roll folder.
  4. Now go back to your MS Office app. Open the desired application i.e. Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  5. Tap the insert tab and then pictures. Scroll down to the bottom of your Cameral album and search for the downloaded image.
  6. This can be followed up by selecting the downloaded image and this will automatically upload this image to your MS Word, spreadsheet or PowerPoint slide.

In today’s technologically advanced world, one would expect Apple to take care of these minor glitches without putting its users through all this pain. However, since this is an issue concerning two entirely different platforms, we need to give them adequate time to address this problem in the best possible way. Hopefully the Apple engineers would take note of this and fix this problem in the near future. We will keep this post updated in case we find an even better solution for this problem. Till then, this workaround will do the trick for you!

Using an iPad to copy photos from your Dropbox account into MS Office?
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