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A web hosting service, in which a number of sites are placed in a single server, is known as a shared web-hosting plan just like Bluehost shared hosting plan. From the context, it means that all the resources and features of the shared server, including space, bandwidth, space, database, email accounts and FTP accounts are shared by many sites placed by that specific web server. Of course, there is no certain number of sites, which a single web server might host; the number might be in thousands or hundreds. This shared hosting from Bluehost save huge budget in buying hosting, using bluehost hosting coupon you will get same shared hosting plan at lower rate. This sharing of features and resources of a single web server is the main cause why shared web-hosting services are provided at reasonably cheap and low rates.

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There are various benefits of shared hosting plans; you can get from a reputed and professional service provider. Benefits are categorized based on the cost, ease of use and unlimited domains and space. Other than these benefits, this type of hosting offers some other benefits.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

However, with many benefits to offer, a particular service might have some drawbacks associated with it. The same happens with shared web hosting. This hosting has some drawbacks linked to it. Look at below mentioned disadvantages of shared hosting plans:

Slow Speed

Due to sharing of resources and features with numerous users, this type of hosting has slow speed. It affects the businesses up to a great extent in terms of speed. It is because speed plays an important role in the success of a business site as it affects the SEO and user experience factor.


Search Engine Optimization is an important factor these days. Since Google started using your sites speed in the form of a factor in deciding on your sites search engine rank. If your site using the shared hosting and has slow speed, then it will place a great impact on the search engine rankings of your site. The slower your website is the worst it is for its search engine ranking.

Least Reliable

With cost effective option as a benefit, this type of hosting is the least reliable among others. Several web hosts are more reliable as compared to others. You can check comparison of Bluehost and HostGator Hosting service on easywaytohosting.com blog. However, if you are using the shared web host plan, then you normally have thousands of user accounts on a single server. It increases the chances of server problems, such as low downtime, hardware and software failure and many others.

Low Features

Shared web hosting plans has low features to offer to its users, when you see its comparison with others. It is true that your hosting plan might have lesser features and resources as compared to other hosting services, particularly dedicated web host. In addition, the customer support might not be as nice as of that dedicated web hosting plans. Some available connections and ports might be restricted due to security policy.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Shared Web Hosting Services?
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