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Forgetting a friend’s birthday is the last thing you want to do. It’s not only embarrassing but puts many friendships at stake, true story. No matter how busy you remain through a day, it’s a duty which you shouldn’t forget to do. However, you are often very busy and forget to check Facebook on many not-so-good days. Naturally, if a friend is having their birthday on that day, you could miss that out if there’s no other reminder set somewhere else. Even if your friend doesn’t admit, they will be hurt if you don’t wish.

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On another note, usually there are plenty of friends on all of our Facebook profiles which we don’t even know. Or even if we do, not all are close enough to us to visit their timeline and leave a wish. There could be many other distractions for what you might not be logging into Facebook for days. After all it’s a virtual world and not logging in every day is kind of healthy given the present scenario.

But how do you handle your friends’ disappointment, especially those not so close ones that had been waiting for a virtual wish on their timelines from you? You could just use a Facebook app to auto-post a pre-written birthday wish on their timeline just when the birthday 12:00 AM arrives. It’s easy and convenient, also keeps your friendship scratch free.


We are going to talk about the BirthdayFB app. It’s basically a website that comes as an additional Facebook helper that posts birthday wishes on your behalf. Yes, you have to provide access to your account and your friends’ timeline to this website. But from its reputation and so far we have tested, the web site seamed absolutely trustworthy and safe. They won’t transact any data from your profile; would just do the birthday wishing like you want.

The difference between BirthdayFB and other apps are – this app takes birthday wishes from you earlier and posts them on time. This way, your friends won’t get to know whether or not you are using an auto-poster or posting the wish by yourself. Using the website is a three step process. First you connect your Facebook profile with BirthdayFB, you schedule a message for your friend’s birthday and get a preview of the wish – done!

How do you Use BirthdayFB?

At the beginning, you have to allow the website to post on Facebook as you on your behalf and access your profile data at any given time. This looks like a lot – yet you need this for the platform to perform perfectly.

When you access the app’s interface, you would see tabs like Account Home, Write Messages, Canned Messages, and Scheduled Messages etc. The upcoming birthdays would show birthdays that are very near and if you have prepared a message for those. If you haven’t, you can do it right away from the screen. Canned message would store your scheduled messages and posted later.


The interface is neat and everything works pretty well. Make sure to set the time zone right and the app does the rest of the job for you. Never miss out on a friend’s birthday wish again!

Auto-Post Birthday Wishes on Friends’ Facebook Timeline
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