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I'm a software engineer and tech enthusiast. Here at ClibTech I cover various of topics related to technology, internet and social media.

    Improve Sales with Point of Sale Systems How to

    Improve Sales

    Entrepreneurs should understand that payment solutions that have been simplified with technology are actually important when it comes to boosting their sales because customers usually find these purchase options convenient and reliable. The newer payment methods consist of systems that accept all types of credit and debit cards, contactless payments and also provide online payment

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    Rent Professional Conference Rooms in Los Angeles Internet

    Rent Professional Conference Rooms

    Entrepreneurs, who are starting out or have businesses that are gradually expanding, often have trouble with finding a space for their office and staff. But with the rapid advancement of technology, many online companies are now providing the option of a virtual office, availability of conference rooms and even live receptionists! The freedom of a

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