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The world has come a long way towards addressing children with special needs. From the classroom setting to spreading understanding within communities- even with computers. In an attempt to provide help for students with learning disabilities, Apple has recently developed a variety of apps for children with special needs. These Apps can help children with autism, vision problems and even dyslexia. Here is a closer look at just a few of the apps:

Autism I-Help: Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that its effects can vary greatly. If your young child is autistic and is having trouble with words, this app can help. The app consists of 24 photos and corresponding words, and a variety of options that you can tailor to help your child learn.

Eye Movement Training: For children who suffer from visual impairments, vision therapy, if done early in the child’s life, can make a real difference. A child’s visual system, including the potential for good binocular vision, continues to develop for several years after birth. The trouble with eye movement can result in reading and learning problems. This app can help children practice in a fun way without the pressure of a classroom setting, and is regularly maintained by professionals.

Speech Therapy Toolkit: Developed by a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, this app is designed to be fun for kids while offering tools for therapists, parents, and even teachers that can help with language problems. The app allows you to work on an iPad or to print assignments and coloring books. There is also a progress tracker to monitor the child’s progress.

Most of the apps above are free to download from the Apple Store and there are plenty more available to address a variety of needs and problems. If you find a new app and need a bit of help figuring it out, or need a bit more equipment, you can always check in with an Apple authorized service provider or Mac service center to get all of the help you need.

Apple Apps For Children With Special Needs
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