An Overview of Mobile Tracking System Mobile

Tracking mobiles work only in association and cooperation of the network service providing companies or the telecom companies. These telecommunication companies can tract your mobile phone if it comes within the area limit of hundred yards using mobile technologies. You will never come to know that your private calls are being tracked by anyone. Person who track mobile can use a variety of tracking systems including triangulation, GPS, etc. mobile tracking can prove to be quite useful if used for the purpose of country welfare or for military purpose. In military mobile tracking can be used for tracking the location of enemies. Military of the United States uses mobile tracking design popularly known as movement tracking system. This system uses satellites for tracking mobile devices of enemies. Military get computer display location of enemies as map, direction with the use of encrypted signals and codes which received and sent by various mobile devices.

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Some other methods of mobile tracking are as follows:

GPS (global positioning system)

The federal commission of communication made chips equipment with global positioning system mandatory for all mobile phones. This service is powerful enough to locate the device in emergency situation. GPS system has 24 satellites in its communication architecture which rotate around earth. Satellites are used for transfer of information like sending and receiving of information from devices such as system use in communication and navigation.

Triangulation of mobile tracking

It is very easy task to locate mobile phone because it transmits signals from device network tower for the purpose of establishing communication between mobile devices and service providers. Mobile device transmit signals and by analyzing the strength of these signals. It has to locate the area of mobile devices in which it is present.

Military purpose of mobile tracking

Military organizations of different countries use the service of mobile tracing especially U.S military. The military of the United States uses this system of mobile tracking for tracking the moments made by enemies. Tracking system allows them to access commercial satellite for tracking location of mobile devices present in motor vehicles of enemy countries.

The process of tracking Mobile location manually is as follows:

There are number of ways through which location of mobile device can be track. If you are willing to follow mobile device and its holder you can easily do so even when are moving from one place to another, however this option doesn’t proved to be as effective as other process of mobile tracking. Another process through which mobile tracking can be done in easier manner is manual insertion of electronic chip in mobile device you want to target. This process will reduce your efforts of tracing target by moving around it, but its efficiency is still a question of debate.

Mobile tracking using computer software:

Basic problem with this process is that it requires you to open mobile device and insert chip in it which will take some time and also lead your life and work in danger. If owner detect this in his system he can easily track you back in reverse.

An Overview of Mobile Tracking System
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