A Complete Review of Sony SmartWatch 3 Mobile

If there is something freshest in technology arena these days, then certainly it is the smart watch. All the leading manufacturers are in consistent efforts to make the concept stand out as a future big thing. There have been lots of talks regarding two of the leading manufacturers Apple, and Samsung putting their best. However, Sony SmartWatch 3 is something that has been talks of town since a while. You need an Android device to play with it.

Sony Smartwatch

Rubbery design feels excellent, product is water and dust resistive:

Its band is too cute and soft being made up of rubber. The band is pretty elastic to fit well along anyone’s wrist. If you are someone a fitness freak, then the device can be something handy for you. The soft band offers a nice feeling as well no matter how much you drain sweats.

Sony understands very well the importance of a good design for a smartwatch. And, after taking a look at the above arrangement it certainly seems Sony can satisfy a huge group. Some might be talking of a rounded body, but I think a rectangular option looks more suitable in comparison.

The best part above all is that the product is both water and dust preventive in nature ensuring the perfect protection. It has a very efficient battery that can serve you for a couple of days in a seamless way.

Best for Fitness and technology freaks:

Playing through Android platform, this is a product offering best user-experience. All you have to do is incorporating the Wear application over the device to initiate. You can move towards the settings panel to perform tweaks. It makes you aware of the number of steps you climbed today, set the timer from the screen itself guiding flawlessly towards your best fitness.

However, it can be taken into account for dealing with messages, mails, social networking sites, etc as well. The best part is the way it alerts you through the notifications. Rather, one can be more prudent through your watch than the device.


There is a huge variety of applications available for these android based wearables.  You can integrate these applications with the product as well. These smartwatches are too efficient technologically. The SmartWatch 3 has GPS that ensures you don’t need to depend upon your phone always for some specific applications. Especially, dealing with the functional applications has become too handy with the product.

You can make the Sony SmartWatch 3 look best through watchface. This is something on which you can hang out for a long time.


Well, we have finally come up with the third edition of Sony’s smartwatch. To be honest, the product this time looks a much more enhanced than the earlier editions. Starting from the look to ease of usage, the product is too handy all the way. It’s like a gift for the Android owners. If you are a fashion freak, then also it has enough elements for you. Reportedly, this Sony SmartWatch 3 has been tagged at about $400. What do you think? Is it expensive?

A Complete Review of Sony SmartWatch 3
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